Chews4Health, TrimULean, IGNITE, Good-Night and the WHOLE BODY Transformation System

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"delicious & convenient - for overall health & well-being, beauty & fitness - for kids & adults ..."
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"curb your appetite & boost your metabolism naturally with our weight management system ..."
"forget those energy drinks & give your body long-lasting healthy chewable energy ..."
All Natural Chewable Sleep Aid by Chews 4 Health
"give your mind and body the gift of a good night sleep and feeling refreshed in the mornings ..."
Chews-4-Health International produces the highest quality products and offers an industry leading business opportunity for everyone. Whether you are a single mother, professional businessman, corporate leader or entrepreneur, Chews-4-Health may be the exact business opportunity you've been waiting for. Chews 4 Health represents an avenue to begin living a healthier lifestyle and provide a financial solution during these difficult economical times.

The products that Dr. David Friedman has chosen to formulate thus far, target the health and wellness, weight loss and the exploding energy markets. Chews-4-Health will become a product of choice as the public begins to better understand why chewing is best for optimal absorption. After all, it's what we absorb that matters most to our health.

Thanks to the many celebrity endorsements, national media exposure and good old fashioned word of mouth marketing, Chews 4 Health products are rapidly becoming a household name. Successfully launched in 2008, Chews-4 Health International is now opening their doors to an expanding international market. Now is a perfect time to join us.
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Chews 4 Health Chewable Dietary Supplement was formulated by Dr. David Friedman. It is the best full spectrum chewable whole food / antioxidant supplement on the market today for the entire family. Children, teenagers, parent and seniors all love the taste and health benefits of Chews4Health! This new doctor-formulated chewable tablet delivers 16 of the most powerful super foods and anti-aging Ingredients available today. These ingredients are derived from the most nutrient-rich sources from around the world. Now, for the very first time in history, they are available together in a chewable form. Research shows that chewing provides the most optimal absorption of these nutrients. It's time to Chews!
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Weight Reduction System is doctor-formulated. This revolutionary system combines caloric restriction and expenditure to help you accomplish your weight loss goals. Boost your metabolism and help support healthy thyroid function.* This tasty chocolate flavored rapid-release chewable wafer offers quicker absorption, complete digestion, while helping to satisfy your appetite and maintain energy without those nervous jitters. "Chewing got you into this. Now chewing can help get you out!"
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IGNITE Chewable Energy
is a great tasting, power packed surplus of botanicals, herbs and vitamins that will give you a healthy surge of energy within minutes! The delicious orange/pineapple flavored chewable contains 12 whole food ingredients synergistically blended to help you increase your energy, stamina, endurance, performance and concentration.*
IGNITE™ is a doctor-formulated chewable energy product.*

Good-Night Chewable Sleep Aid

Good-Night™ Natural Sleep Aid
is an all-natural, fast-acting solution to your sleeping problem. Formulated by Dr. Friedman, expect to fall asleep faster, sleep throughout the night and wake up feeling refreshed when you choose to take Good-Night™. This incredible product is a fast-acting formula that works in harmony with your natural sleep cycle to support a sound, tranquil sleep. Say "goodbye" to insomnia and "hello" to waking up refreshed and energized without any grogginess.*
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