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Stop Flushing your Vitamins Down the Toilet!

Dear Fellow Doctor,

When I was a small child, I remember my mother telling me, “Son, you are what you eat.” She happened to say that just as I was biting into a Kellogg’s Pop-Tart. I remember running into the bathroom, looking into the mirror to make sure I wasn’t turning into a strawberry toaster pastry. Being very short for my age, after my Mom’s important lesson on diet, I asked her to buy jolly green GIANT veggies hoping it would make me taller…. Well, I never did turn into a Pop-Tart nor did I become a giant; however, I did learn that what we put into our bodies does form what we eventually become.

Little did I know, 25 years later I would be touring the country educating people on improving their diets, choosing proper supplementation and taking that statement my mother taught me one step further: “You aren’t what you eat but rather, what you absorb.”

After hearing this disturbing news, I did some research and found out there are cities across the country pulling out thousands of pounds of undigested vitamins and minerals every month. The reason is due to the high metallic content of these pills. Metallic minerals like oyster shells, carbonates, oxides and dolomites have the consistency of crushed up rocks, which our bodies were not designed to digest.
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Then I discovered page 1542 of the Physician’s Desk Reference which showed vitamins and minerals in a pill form are only 10 % absorbed by the body.

It doesn’t take a mathematician to figure out that means for every $100 you are spending on nutrients, you are literally flushing about $90 down the toilet. Some vitamin companies use binders, fillers and hard chemical coatings that are so effective at holding them together, none of the ingredients are absorbed. In fact, hospital orderlies even have a name for these undigested pills that pass through a person’s intestinal track, “bedpan bullets!”
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X-ray showing undissolved pills in the colon

Because of this lack of absorption, many companies use mega doses of nutrients which research shows can cause biochemical imbalances and a taxation on the kidneys.


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Colonoscopy showing undissolved pills in the colon

After conducting tests on 17 brand name vitamins for dissolvability, Integrated Biomolecule Corporation, a well-known pharmaceutical lab concluded: “ At the end of the recommended USP dissolution time of 2 hours, none of the products were considered fully dissolved. In fact, some of the pills were not completely dissolved even after 12 hours!”

In a world dominated by pills, I began my quest to find a source of nutrition that could be utilized by the body and not be, literally, flushed down the toilet. At the time, liquid nutrition was the answer because it could offer quicker absorption and convenience to taking a hand full of pills. To my amazement, there were virtually no liquid products on the market. In fact, during my search, health food stores laughed at me when I expressed the idea of taking nutrition in liquid form. I would get told, “Who on earth would DRINK their nutrition?” Through appearances on syndicated radio, television shows, my best selling CD on nutrition and articles in many national journals, I helped put liquid nutrition on the map. In fact, I have often been referred to as “The Godfather of liquid nutrition.”

In 1998, I wrote a feature article for Chiropractic Economics magazine predicting that liquid nutrition would be “The Wave of The Future.” Well, it’s now 2009 and, as I predicted, that future liquid wave did come…..but its time is fading.. There are now over a thousand liquid products on the market. You can find them at health food stores, grocery stores, gas stations and even airport terminals. Although liquids are superior to pills, they still leave a lot to be desired.


Heavy and difficult to travel with (can't fit a bottle of liquid in a pocket or purse).

Many contain mostly water- some are 75% water (and you are PAYING for this water).

Most are pasteurized. This process is required to kill bacteria and harmful organisms; however, this excessive heat can alter and deactivate some of the naturally occurring GOOD nutrients.

They must be refrigerated after opening and then go bad in 6 to 8 weeks after opening.

Contain chemical preservatives like sodium benzoate, a fungicidal, bacterial killer (same chemical used to make fireworks and silver polish)!!

A ship moving forward at sea will never develop barnacles but a ship sitting still at dock will. I was on a mission to move forward in a “same old” stagnant market and bring to America a superior source of nutrition…. in chewable form. Little did I know, this quest would take me 3 ½ years of trials and tribulations.

Just like in the 90s when liquids were virtually nonexistent, surprisingly I found that same thing held true during my search for a whole food chewable product. There were no chewable products on the market that contained super fruits, sea vegetables and antioxidants. Although the delivery system is NOTHING NEW, the combination of ingredients utilized in this form DID NOT EXIST!!! I found out why… 14 leading manufacturers said creating such a product was “too difficult” and those that tried, failed in their attempts. I kept telling myself “If it was easy, everyone would be doing it and that’s why NOONE was doing it!” Through much perseverance, my vision finally became a reality. If there is one thing I have learned during that time it’s that, “Life’s delays are not life’s denials” and, if you CONCEIVE IT and BELIEVE IT……you will ACHIEVE IT!


We were not designed by our creator to swallow pills. Think about that. Were Adam and Eve put on this earth with a bottle of vitamin pills? Did your great grandmother take vitamin pills when she was growing up? Considering man created vitamin pills around 65 years ago, the answer is no. Digestion begins in the mouth NOT IN THE STOMACH! Chewing starts with your teeth. This breaks down the ingredients which then get coated with digestive juices, prepping them for the stomach. Chewing allows the molecules to be more quickly released and assimilated. Salivary glands in the mouth produce saliva. The cerebrum sends impulses through the nerves that control the salivary glands, telling them to prep the nutrients for digestion. Salivary glands produce amylase, lipase, lysozymes, ptyalin which breaks down fats, carbohydrates, starches and sugars before the contents leave the mouth. This triggers a feedback loop mechanism that stimulates the production of digestive enzymes in the stomach. [SOURCE: GUYTON’S PHYSIOLOGY]

Being both a Chiropractor and Naturopathic physician, I have a very large nutritional practice. I have been appalled by the total LACK OF STANDARDS that exists in the industry. Just because an ingredient is on the label, doesn’t mean it's really in the product and the those are in the product, doesn’t always mean the quality is any good. Why do so many people take vitamins/minerals/herbs on blind faith without demanding to know exactly how they are produced? Are the ingredients tested before blending? Do the ingredients match the label? Has proper testing been completed to insure purity and safety? The manufacturer of Chews-4-Health has earned an “A” rating from the National Nutritional Foods Association (NNFA) Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) Certification Program; one of very few to hold this distinction. This nationally mandated GMP standing assures Chews-4-Health’s commitment to bring you the absolute highest quality ingredients and the most stringent standards in the industry.

Pills, messy powders and inconvenient liquids leave A LOT to be desired, and that is why I am opening up a NEW DOOR for nutritional supplements. Sam Walton (founder of Wal-Mart ) said something that I will never forget, “He who opens the door first, will dominate that market.” Wal-Mart is truly an example of market domination. Starbucks, RedBull, Microsoft, Apple and now CHEWS-4-HEALTH are examples of a first to market product. I chose to be a PRODUCT INNOVATOR, not to be a PRODUCT IMITATOR.

You’ve tried other sources of nutrition ...now it’s time for you to chews!

Yours In Health,
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David R. Friedman, B.S., D.C., N.D.
CEO Chews-4-Health Inc.

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