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TrimULean is the World's First Chewable Weight Loss Product of its Kind.

Today, more than 65 percent of adults in the United States are considered to be over their ideal weight. Proper eating, regular exercise and good nutrition are important. However, with today's hectic and stressful lifestyle, we escape to our video games, computers and television sets instead of exercising. We no longer eat healthy nutritious home cooked meals but rely on processed foods, fast foods and soda to keep us going. This has contributed to the increasing weight problem in America. It's time for a balanced approach to weight loss ... healthy eating proper exercise and TrimULean!

Boost Energy ~ Suppress Appetite ~ Increase Metabolism ~ Burn Fat ~ Feel Good ... Naturally

Now you can lose weight with a NEW delicious and advanced, natural chocolate chewable supplement that was formulated by Lifetime TV's Health and Nutrition expert, Dr. Friedman. Each chewable weightloss product contains the "very best of the best" ingredients.. In fact, he was inclined to even name his new product, "The Perfect Ten!"

TrimUlean is not just another weight loss product with just 1 or 2 ingredients. It is better described as a "weightloss system" because of the synergistic power of 10 natural ingredients combined together in each easy to digest, chewable product.
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TrimULean was released to the public in January 2010. Listen to the call highlights below as Dr. David Friedman talks about the 10 ingredients of TrimULean.
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TrimULean Contains 10 Powerful Ingredients Working Together to Help You Lose Weight!*

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Dr. Friedman introduces Theobromine, Banaba Leaf and Green Tea ...

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Theobromine is an organic alkaloid found naturally in chocolate, minus the sugar. Theobromine is widely used for its appetite-suppressing effects. Because it is the "feel-good"ingredient in chocolate, it promotes healthy emotional well-being during periods of low energy and dieting.

Researchers at the University of Michigan found that eating chocolate supports healthy brain chemistry which many describe as that "feel-good" sensation. So there is a physiologiccal reason why men give chocolate on Valentine's day instead of jelly beans!

Theobroine contains high levels of fiber, B vitamins and anti-oxidant, naturally occurring calcium, phosphates, Vitamins A,C and D. Theobromine has been shown in clinical studies to reduce food intake. It contains stearic acid, which is a saturated fat; however, stearic acid does not raise LDL cholesterol (the bad cholesterol) like most other saturated fats. Stearic acid is converted in the liver to oleic acid, a heart-healthy, moonounsaaturated fat.

Research conducted by scientist from Holland's National Institute of Public Health and Environment shows that chocolate contains powerful antioidants called Catechins and Phenols. Phenols are said to prevent fat-like substances in the blood stream from oxidizing and clogging the arteries.

Banaba Leaf

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Banaba is a species of the crepe myrtle tree that is native to the Philippines and Southeast Asia. Preliminary studies suggest that Banaba may assist with healthy glucose metabolism.

For some people, fluctuations in blood sugar and insulin are related to appetite, hunger and various food cravings - particularly cravings for carbohydrates such as bread and sweets. By assisting with healthy glucose metabolism, Banaba may help contribute to achieving a healthy weight.

Green Tea

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Green Tea also contains Catechins and Phenols (antioxidants) which are responsible for many health benefits. One of them in particular, epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG) has been shown to have many wonderful benefits.

There are only two ways to lose weight: reduce food intake or increaswe energy expenditure. The former means eating less (in terms of caloric value.) The latter means exercising more. Green Tea has been shown to aid in increasing energy expenditure. Green Tea helps stimulate the use of fatty acids by the muscle's cells during eercise.

The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition published findings that showed compared to a placebo, taking green tea extract caused a significantly greater increase in energy expenditure than pure caffeine.
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Dr. Friedman discusses the benefits of the next three ingredients, Hoodia, Coleus Forskohlii and White Willow ...

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Hoodia gordonii is a succulent botanical which resembles a cactus, that is sometimes mistakenly referred to as the "African Hoodia Cactus." The bush people of Southern Africa have hunted, lived off the land and traveled across the Kalahari Desert for thousands of years. That entailed having t go out on very long hunting trips without food. The Hoodia plant helped them in reducing their appetite and gave them increased energy.* Research has been conducted on Hoodia's benefits since the early 1960's.

Coleus Forskohlii

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Coleus forskohlii is a member of the mint and lavender family which grows in the mountains of Asia. Recent research has shown that the active ingredient in coleus is Forskolin, which plays a major role in a variety of important cellular functions - most importantly, it supports healthy thyroid function. Thyroid hormones help regulate metabolism.*

Respected sports nutritionist Dr. Richard Kreider, after doing extensive research on Coleus forskohlii, published his findings in the Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition. The study suggests it supports a healthy metabolic rate.* Research on Coleus forshohlii has also been published by Baylor University and University of Memphis.

White Willow

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White Willow bark is from a tree native to Europe and Asia. The name "white willow" describes the color of the leaves, which look white thanks to a covering of fine white hairs. The use of white willow bark dates back to the ancient Egyptians.

Research has shown that combining white willow with other weight loss-enhancing ingredients creates a synergistic effect and may help them work more effectively. Additionally, it has been shown to provide temporary relief of minor muscle pains, which may help people keep up with their exercise regimens! For those reasons, white willow is found in many weightloss supplements on the market.*
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Dr. Friedman reveals three more ingredients in TrimuLean. They are Chromium Picolinate, Guggul and Citrus auratium (Bitter Orange) ...

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Chromium Picolinate

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Chromium picolinate is an essential trace mineral that works to support healthy glucose metabolism.* When you eat foods or drinks with sugar, this causes a glucose spike. Insulin is then released and ushers the sugar into muscle cells and other organs for use as energy. Insulin helps put amino acids (proteins) into the muscles which makes it a very important hormone for fitness and weight control.

Research has shown that people who eat foods high in simple sugars ( more than 35% of calories) are more likely to have a chromium deficiency due to increased loss of chromium in urine. This may be due to the fact that foods high in sugar displace healthy foods high in chromium. Reducing the amount of simple sugar is always an improvement to a healthy eating plan.


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Guggul is a yellowish resin secreted by the mukluk myrrh tree. It's been used for thousands of years in India for many health benefits including aiding in weightloss. Guggul helps supports healthy thyroid and metabolism.*

In a 1999 study conducted by researchers at the University of Nebraska and Beth Israel Medical Center in New York City, people who took guggul each day and did a combination of strenght and aerobic training workout three times a week for six weeks lost an average of six pounds; those who exercised but did not take guggul lost only a half to one pound. "Guggul helps assists the body's healathy metabolism and helps maintain normal thyroid actibity," says John Douillard, Ph.D., director of the LifeSpaSchol of Ayurveda Medicine.

Citrus Auratium (Bitter Orange)

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Citrus auratium also called "bitter orange," is an extract from a citrus fruit and has been used for thousands of years in China. Studies have indicaated that Citrus auratium may promote healthy metabolism and aid in energy production.*

According to research at McGill University, Citrus auratium gives you an even flow of sustained energy without creating a feeling of nervousness or those "shaky jitters," which is so commonly experienced when using other weight loss ingredients.*
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Dr. Friedman reveals the LAST ingredient in TrimuLean PLUS some info about Xylitol. That final ingredient is Gynnema sylvestre ...

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Gymnema Sylvestre

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Gymnema sylvestre is a woody, vine-like plant native to the lush tropical regions of India. Its bitter leaves, dubbed "sugar destroyers," contains a number of powerful antioxidant flavonoid compounds incluuding quercetin, which has been shown to help increase energy expenditure during exercise and supports cardiovascular health." Research on Gymnema also suggests it can also help support healthy glucose metabolism.*

And ... Xylitol is what makes TrimULean a 'sweeter' deal!

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Triulean contains Xylitol, a natural, low-calorie sweetener that comes from the birch tree. Over 1,500 scientific studies have been conducted on Xylitol for its safety and amazing health benefits. It's sweeter than sugar and also has anti-aging properties.* Xylitol also helps the teeth, which is a great benefit to being in a chewable product. Six national dental associations have endorsed Xylitol for protecting teeth from cavities and even helping to combat existing cavities.

Most weight loss products use artificial sweeteners like sucralose, aspartame and saccharine. These artificial sweeteners used in weight loss products may cause hormonal imbalances and have been linked to many diseases. In contrast, Xylitol is a safe and efective sugar alternative with many wonderful health benefits.*
So there you have it!

The "Perfect Ten" Ingredients of TrimULean!

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Trimulean is intended for use as part of a total weight loss program combining caloric reduction and increasing energy expenditure. Long lasting weight loss requires consuming lesser calories and/or increasing exercise. These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. The product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.
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