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Retail Profits
Three-Tier Commissions
Profit Sharing
Royalty Rewards
Luxury-Item Bonuses
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While a typical Affiliate Marketing Program pays commissions on orders purchased, this program is something much more unique. The Chews-4-Health International Affiliate Marketing Program gives you various ways to earn money with a pay out of 33% in commissions on three tiers, a 17% large national retailer commission on three tiers, PLUS an unprecedented 10% profit sharing program. Become an Affiliate absolutely free today.


The nutrition market is a multibillion dollar industry. Chews-4-Health International offers first-to-market nutritional products which means there is NO competition. In addition to their easily marketable products, their Affiliate Marketing Program is unique in that while a typical Affiliate marketing Program pays commissions on orders purchased, we offer various ways to earn commissions and bonuses. The Chews-4-Health commission structure is paid out on three tiers and their Affiliates earn commission on the following:

33% on product sales | 17% on large retail accounts | 10% on a Profit Share Program: An Affiliate Marketing First!

You can also receive cash, a car, vacations and luxury item bonuses. we also provide valuable turnkey tools and training so that you can market the products and make the most none possible. All Chews-4-Health Affiliates have access to a state-of-the -art Affiliate Panel containing professionally designed web banners, sales tracking system, special offers and training. Discounted price points also allows for face-to-face and trade show selling.


Becoming an Affiliate is free and does not require that you meet a monthly sales quota. However, those affiliates that work to generate sales will be eligible for cash rewards, vacation and luxury item bonuses as well as a share in our Global Profit Share program. You can also benefit from the efforts of other affiliates enrolled below you to help you increase sales, earn even bigger commissions and bonuses.


Simply sign up and get started. It is that easy. You do not even need to create your own website because you will have a brand new "Chews4Health" replicated website that tracks your sales for you and a state-of-the-art back office which provides you with a complete library of graphics, links and banners. You can promote Chews4Health products via search engines, Internet forums, newsletter, blogs or simply email your affiliate link to all your friends and people you know.


The Chews4Health Affiliate Marketing Program is unique. We offer our health and wellness products at wholesale prices and also pay out 46% commissions. Earn 15% on all product purchases from your website , 10% on your Tier 2 Affiliate Sales and 8% on your Tier 3 Affiliate sales. Plus, Affiliates can earn a 17% retail commission when you sell to large retail chains and a 10% revenue share in our global profit sharing program, earn vacations, a new car and much more.
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33% Three-Tier Commissions
Chews-4-Health has a three tier commission structure and there is no limit on how much you can earn.

1st Tier – 15% | 2nd Tier – 10% | 3rd Tier – 8%
17% Three-Tier Large Retail Commissions
You can also earn commissions when you sell any of our products to large retail chains. Any retail store that orders quantities of 500 or more of the product OR has 5 retail outlets or more are considered large retail chains.

1st Tier – 10% | 2nd Tier – 5% | 3rd Tier – 2%
10% Profit Sharing
Chews--Health International is the first company ion history to offer a profit sharing program to their Affiliates from all sales taking place in major retail outlets across the world, a perk no Fortune 500company offers their Affiliates! When our products are sold at a major retailer YOU earn money.

Affiliate Royalty Rewards
With this lucrative new program, all Chews-4-Health Affiliate marketers are eligible to earn a per unit royalty (box or bottlee) on every product sold through their organization (up to $2.50 per box). Affiliates can also earn a Caribbean Cruise for two, $750.00 per month car bonus and a Rolex watch. Just look at how you can earn extra cash bonuses through royal ties on all the products sold through the 3-Tier Affiliate Program:

  • Bronze Award: Achieve 500 unit sales in lifetime sales, with at least 250 units on Tier 1.
    Earn 50 cents Royalty Rewards per unit sold – that’s a $250.00 cash bonus.
  • Silver: Achieve 1,000 unit sales in lifetime sales, with at least 300 units on Tier 1.
    Earn 75 cents Royalty Rewards per unit sold – that’s an extra $500.00 cash bonus.
  • Gold: Achieve 1,000 unit sales in one month on 3 Tiers with at least 350 units on Tier 1.
    Earn $1.00 Royalty Rewards per unit sold - that’s a $1,000.00 cash bonus.
  • Platinum: Achieve 2,500 unit sales in one month on 3 Tiers with at least 750 units on Tier 1.
    Earn $1,500 cash bonus plus Caribbean Cruise for 2.  That’s the equivalent of $2.00 Royalty Rewards per unit sold and for every month you do the same you will get a $550.00 car bonus!
  • Double Platinum: Achieve 5,000 unit sales in one month on 3 Tiers with at least 1,250 units on Tier 1.
    Earn $2,500.00 cash bonus plus a Rolex watch. That is the equivalent of $2.50 in Royalty Rewards per unit sold and for every month you do the same you get a $750.00 car bonus!
Personal Use of Chews-4-Health Products!
Chews-4-Health Affiliates and their customers receive a substantial discount on all of the products and even bigger savings when choosing to go on a months auto-ship program!


Chews4Health Affiliates are paid the 15th of every month via their choice of direct deposit, the Chews Global Cash Card program, or PayPal.
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Chews4Health Affiliate Program
Chews4Health Global Major Retailer Sales
Chews4Health Reward Program
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